Family Battle: Tag Arena is a madcap multiplayer brawler headed to PC

family battle tag arena multiplayer pc

Family Feud

Japanese indie dev nekogameteacher, (of Super Drink Bros. fame), is back on the scene with an equally nutty title with an equally silly premise. Currently in development for PC, Family Battle: Tag Arena promises multiplayer mayhem in a colorful anime world that hosts one too many superheroes.

You’ll have to bear with me, as details are understandably muddled, but it appears that Family Battle, true to its title, is the tale of two extended families of superpowered heroes, facing off to determine who is the one true “Super Family.” This war will play out in a series of two-on-two arena-based battles, with teams stepping into the role of their chosen family members — all of which carry their own unique skills, abilities, powers, and play styles.

With one player in the role of “Attacker” and a second player as “Support,” the two teams engage in fast-paced and chaotic 3D warfare, utilizing both melee and ranged attacks as well as their own respective powers to take the fight. While the attacking characters get down and dirty on the front line, it is up to the supporting player to disrupt the enemy from long-range — laying traps, clearing out hazards, or providing their partner with offensive and defensive buffs. With strong chemistry and quick communication, a team can use its strategy and synergy to bring the bragging rights back home.

Family Battle: Tag Arena is currently in development for PC (via Steam). It will enter an Early Access period from August 6, but you can check out the official store page right now. Do it for The Family.

Chris Moyse
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