Famed Final Fantasy producer Hajime Tabata’s new company, ‘JP Games,’ is set to launch in January

Good luck

Hajime Tabata isn’t letting shakeups at Square Enix get him down.

After being at the company for over a decade and having a hand in games from Kingdom Hearts Coded to a variety of different Final Fantasy titles (including XV), he announced his resignation from the company just over a month ago. Tabata recently made headlines after his resignation caused to the cancellation of three Final Fantasy XV add-ons, which were supposed to build upon the game’s narrative and presumably provide insight into some unanswered questions. And in record time he’s founding his own studio.

According to a Facebook post from Tabata himself, he has formed his own company: JP Games, Inc. Tabata notes that he’s aiming for a January 2019 launch (which will likely just involve a website and some assets) and asks for “ongoing support.” No hints were given as to what the company’s first project will entail, but it will presumably fall within Tabata’s action/RPG expertise.

Hajima Tabata [Facebook]

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