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Fallout Worlds recreates the spirit of custom Minecraft servers for Fallout 76

You can even jump into public worlds

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Just recently, Bethesda explained that they were adding something unique to the next Fallout 76 public test session, and well, this seems to be it. Announced this week, Fallout Worlds is basically Bethesda’s way of introducing custom servers into the game.

Basically, you can customize a Fallout Worlds server to your heart’s content, whether that’s all-in on CAMPS and creation or PVP and survival. The team provides two specific examples: removing the need for electricity so you can build and break the rules, or make the overworld tougher by tweaking its difficulty, essentially turning it into a survival exercise.

So Bethesda is divvying this up in an interesting way. Note that creation is a Fallout 1st joint, so you need to be a paid subscriber to take full advantage. But according to the publisher, “public worlds are for all.” Note this quote: “This offers everyone in Fallout 76 the opportunity to see for themselves what’s possible in Fallout Worlds, as well as inspiration for their own creations with Custom Worlds.” No doubt Bethesda hopes you’ll dig what the system makes possible and subscribe yourself.

Bethesda says that they’re “just getting started” with the feature, and intend to add more customization options over time. It’ll be fun to see if they can balance this, alongside of all the other stuff they’re working on. It really is crazy how much effort they’ve put into turning this game around. The update is on the public test servers (PTS) now, and you can find further patch notes for the PTS here.

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