Fallout Shelter convinced Bethesda to make more mobile games

Making money has that effect

Last year’s E3 Eve surprise reveal and release of Fallout Shelter was a good move for Bethesda. The mobile game was an immediate hit, and it didn’t take long before it was wildly profitable. Within days, it had supplanted Candy Crush Saga on the list of that week’s top earners, and that game makes money hand-over-fist.

Given that success, it’s easy to see how Bethesda may be lured back by the mobile sector’s siren song. Speaking with GameSpot at DICE this week, Bethesda game director Todd Howard directly cited the performance of Fallout Shelter and said “We’re gonna do more.”

Howard didn’t elaborate much on any specifics that Bethesda might have in mind. He just explained that the developer wants to keep in mind that the games “have to be appropriate for who we are (as a company). It (has to have) a bit more meat on the bone than other things like it.”

Apart from that, Howard basically just confirmed it was happening. This falls right in line with the studio that Bethesda formed in Montreal last December that, among other things, is said to focus on mobile gaming.

Bethesda is hardly the first publisher to go this route. A notable example is Square Enix, who has done a fine job adapting its popular properties into mobile titles like Lara Croft GO and Hitman GO; if it’s proven to make money, expect others to follow suit.

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