Fallout: New Vegas is done (also, PC specs)

Bethesda has announced development on Fallout: New Vegas (WHICH SAMIT PREVIEWED HEAVEN FORBID WE DON’T MENTION THAT) is finished. It’s not exactly news that will blow your mind, but I’m more or less just taking the excuse to chat about a game I’m pretty damn excited for. Also, considering the game’s meant to be out this month, they cut it impressively close. 

It’s a weird situation for me. A few months ago, I didn’t give a flying toss about Fallout: New Vegas. I had played Fallout 3 but was angry with it for a variety of reasons. However, my brain wouldn’t accept me disliking a post-apocalyptic Western RPG and thus I kept replaying it to find the fun that I knew was in there somewhere. 

Short story — I found it, and now I am ridiculous excited for New Vegas. What a heartwarming tale.

Anyway, if you’re planning to get this on PC, we have the system specs for you, so have a read of those in the gallery!

Jim Sterling