Fallout: New Vegas had a ‘successful’ launch

The numbers are in! Bethesda Softworks has announced that five million units of Fallout: New Vegas have been shipped worldwide. And that’s not including anything from the digital distribution realm. They were also eager to point out how the guide book has been quite popular too, at least on Amazon.

As someone who never buys guide books, ever, I believe it. The collector’s edition book is ridiculously useful, and sleek. Although, as of a few days ago, the New Vegas wiki had racked up well over 475,000 man hours worth of updating. People: they’re crazy about Fallout.

I’ve come to love the less-than-ideal Mojave wasteland experience. Except for the truly game-breaking issues, much of it comes off as unintentional humor — and it works! I can only hope that the millions of other players feel the same way.

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