Fallout: New Vegas gets a bunch of new screens

Here are some new screens for New Vegas. Look at how new they are. So shiny and new. They show off all sorts of weaponry and monsters, including a shot of a man striking another in the head with a golf club, which is cool for obvious reasons. Andrew Ryan would be proud. 

I can’t say I was ever truly impressed with Fallout 3, but I’m still hopeful for New Vegas as I always enjoy post-apocalyptic desert wandering. Still, there’s something about all New Vegas screenshots that make it look very… basic. The human character models especially always seem to look a bit sub-par. I could be alone in this, but the textures seem lacking and the faces appear rather basic. 

What do you think? Does Fallout: New Vegas look amazing to you, or are you like me and wondering if the game appears a bit plain?

[Via Game Watch Impress]

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