Fallout: New Vegas dev diary #4 only takes a Faction

The latest developer diary for Fallout: New Vegas covers something that will be part of much of the story and choices in the game: Factions. The devs talk about the state of war between the three major Factions: the visually Andrew Ryan-esque Mr. House, Caesar’s Legion and the New California Republic or NCR. You may recognize the NCR from those PAX Prime and pre-order shirts!

Other topics include the way smaller subfactions play a role, how the player can shift allegiances of groups for whatever reason your player would have. There is also some talk about the choices you have for where your player stands in the world of New Vegas.

It sounds like regular Fallout 3 with NPCs that act like they are part of a group to me. I’ve never been terribly interested in New Vegas because I still have yet to play all the Fallout 3 DLC, but the video did make me go “That’s cool, I guess.” I know some of you can’t wait for this game though, so are you guys excited about the new Factions element?

Maurice Tan