Fallout: London mod coming Q4 2023, wants to avoid a Starfield conflict

Fallout London: a dilapidated Camden.

Not wanting to tread on Starfield‘s toes

It looks like the fan-made Fallout 4 project Fallout: London is going to be pretty spectacular upon release. Taking place in the English capital city, this mod takes the post-apocalyptic RPG overseas, and the modders behind it now have a better idea of when they want to launch it.

In the latest progress video over on YouTube, the team gave us an extra taste of what’s to come in Fallout: London. Lead 3D artist Kordan “SunnyDelight” Albon shows off a gnarly-looking trebuchet, complete with animation. While there’s still some work to be done on the enormous siege weapon, you can see it in action as it hurls a projectile toward Big Ben.

There’s also a brief look at something more regal. Specifically, it’s the royal regalia, which some of you will recognize from the coronation of King Charles III. A 17th-century orb and crown of St. Edwards have been fully modeled. However, it’s the addition of the scepter that’s most appealing. Gilded and looking mighty important, this item can be used as a blunt weapon in the mod.

So when is Fallout: London coming out?

The one piece of information most of you will be interested in is the release date. According to project lead Dean “Prilladog” Carter, Fallout: London is aiming to release in Q4 2023. The team has chosen this launch period rather than sooner because, as Carter says, a “certain space game” is releasing around the time London was supposed to come out (during that point in the video at roughly 9:30 in, a Starfield logo pops up for a hot second).

Yes, they are talking about Starfield. As such, the modders decided the best thing to do was to push Fallout: London back a wee bit so as not to be in direct competition with Bethesda. No one would want that. Sadly, there’s no exact launch date yet, but it’s good to know the team has a goal in mind.

In the meantime, You can also check out the Fallout: London website for more information. The mod will be available on PC, and you will need a copy of Fallout 4 to run it.

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