Fallout developer talks life, hints at a possible Fallout 3 mod

Fallout fan site No Mutants Allowed recently caught up with one of the developers for the original Fallout, Brian Freyermuth, who discussed topics ranging from his current modding hobby to his opinion of Fallout 3.

On the subject of whether fans help or hinder the projects he’s worked on, Brian says “there will always be the small few that scream at you for changing something,” but you “thank them for their time and move on, because there are usually a dozen people who love what you do.”

While he is specifically referring to his own work, I think that same sentiment can be applied towards the generally loved, yet often “fan”-despised Fallout 3; in case you were wondering, Brian actually “really liked Fallout 3.”

In fact, he says he would love to work on another Fallout game after all these years, or at the very least, knows “there’s always the construction set.” Maybe I’m looking too far into this, but it sounds to me like a hint at a possible Fallout 3 mod.

If that is the case, I say bring it on. If we could get the equivalent of Brian’s “Heart of the DeadOblivion mod, that would be mighty fine by us. Regardless, the interview is a good read and I recommend checking it out.

[Thanks, CosbyTron]

Jordan Devore
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