Fallout 76’s next battle pass adds allies as rewards

Plus a full overview of Steel Dawn

In its first two seasons, Fallout 76‘s battle passes have looked mostly the same. Some cosmetic decorations, some microtransaction currency, some boosts — it’s all a bunch of stuff that Fallout players want but don’t necessarily need. Next season is going to raise the stakes a bit.

As part of a developer overview of the upcoming Steel Dawn expansion, Bethesda has confirmed that Season 3 will add allies to the list of rewards. There are two who are eligible to join your C.A.M.P. There’s Solomon Hardy who’s a Brotherhood of Steel medic, and there’s Yasmin Chwdhury who’s a chef. They’re both permanent cast members for anyone who unlocks them.

Information about these allies was the rare detour from talking about everything to do with the upcoming Brotherhood of Steel-focused expansion. Let’s bullet-point some of the major details:

  • The Steel Dawn expansion that launches in December is the first half of a new questline that will wrap up in 2021.
  • Players shouldn’t expect Steel Dawn to be as big as the Wastelanders expansion. Rather, it’s more akin to the amount of content that was in one faction’s questline in Wastelanders.
  • Steel Dawn is the story of five Brotherhood of Steel officers who left California to establish a new chapter in Appalachia. They’re going to set up shop in the Atlas Observatory.
  • “You’re definitely gonna get your hands on some good tech,” design director Mark Tucker says. The expansion introduces all sorts of weapons, armor, and items for your C.A.M.P. The two weapons that people are most excited about are the Hellstorm Missile Launcher and the Plasma Cutter melee weapon.
  • The Enclave Research Facility is the home to a bunch of monstrous experimental abominations. It’s also where you can find the Scorched Mothman, which is the rarest enemy spawn in the game.
  • The Brotherhood will come into conflict with a group called the Blood Eagles and their leader Dagger. The Blood Eagles seem like the main antagonist faction in Steel Dawn.
  • There’s some alliance stuff that will play out differently based on whether you sided with the settlers or the raiders in the Wastelanders expansion.

That’s it for now. Steel Dawn launches in December as a free update, and the Season 3 battle pass probably kicks off alongside it. Love it or hate it, Fallout 76 keeps rollin’ along.

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