Fallout 76’s long-awaited inventory quality of life improvements arrive today

Here’s a look at the ‘Inventory Update’

As promised, Fallout 76 is getting some upgrades today in the form of an update that almost entirely focuses on quality of life perks: appropriately dubbed “The Inventory Update.”

So here’s the big stuff. As a reminder, the stash limit is going up from 800 to 1200 pounds. Three new tabs have been added to the Pip-Boy UI, which allows you to sort and identity new items like food. Armor also has its own tab now, separated from outfits.

One of the best parts of the update is a little more low key, and something some people might not notice at first. As shown in the below video, you can now preview items from player vending machines directly on the map. It’s the definition of a quality of life upgrade, as you don’t need to mindlessly hunt them down to find cool player-driven items. You can see how it looks below.

Another bonus includes a slight change in aesthetics, to assist colorblind players. Here’s the rundown: “Going forward, whenever you find a valid spot to place an object, its outline will appear light-blue instead of green. This should help some of our players with colorblindness more easily differentiate between valid and invalid placement when they’re building their latest and greatest C.A.M.P. creations.”

So what about the future? Well, the team “can’t wait to share more information as to all updates to Fallout 76 arriving later this year.” This game still has life in it!

Chris Carter
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