Fallout 76’s beta gets a massive 30 GB update

Fatboy on your HDD

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Bethesda will be starting another round of Fallout 76 beta sessions soon, so an obligatory patch has been released. Instead of fixing a few minor things, this latest patch seems to overhaul a dramatic portion of the game. When you sign-in for tomorrow’s beta, get ready for a 30 GB update to greet you (your ISP will thank you for that).

The next beta will be running tomorrow from 1:00 pm EST until 3:00 pm EST, but you can log in today to grab the update. Bethesda hasn’t put out any patch notes, so it’s anyone’s guess what has been changed. Since the game clocks in at around 47 GB in total, I would imagine this patch tweaks quite a bit.

Today’s Fallout 76 patch is 30 GB [PC Gamer]

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