Fallout 76’s Nuka-World expansion theme will be incorporated in the season pass

Fallout 76 Season 11

Season 11 is coming on December 6

An an interesting move, Bethesda has revealed the theme for season 11 of Fallout 76: and it’s going to fold over into the upcoming December 6 expansion. Yep, it’s none other than Nuka-World, complete with a season map that depicts the theme park before the post-apocalyptic setting of the series.

Like past seasons (wow, has there really been 11 at this point?), Nuka-World will offer “cosmetics, CAMP items, atoms, caps, and more” as you progress through the track. There’s a short trailer you can watch below that shows off the season offerings/rewards, as well as some of the expansion itself.

As a reminder, the ammo box is also coming, but only if you pay up for the game’s subscription service: “Active Fallout 1st members can also unlock exclusive rewards and special S.C.O.R.E. boosts throughout the Season, but there’s more! This update also grants an all-new feature for Fallout 1st members at no additional charge: the Ammo Box! Keep unlimited numbers of your bullets, shells and such in safekeeping, like the existing Scrap Box currently available to Fallout 1st members. Note that the Ammo Box is for stackable ammo types only and won’t store Fusion Cores or Plasma Cores.”

In addition to a few other “holiday games,” I’m thinking I might hunker down and play through this expansion when things get slower in mid-December: the game is in a decent place to recruit friends into, especially with Game Pass.

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