Fallout 76 just added a small bonus for Prime Gaming subscribers

The “Modern” set

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Coming off of a medium-sized bug fix updateFallout 76 has something new to offer the community this week: a set of decorations.

Dubbed the “Modern Living Bundle,” Prime Gaming subscribers can get a bonus set of items, which are primarily used for creating and maintaining C.A.M.Ps (player-made structures).

Here’s what you get in the Fallout 76 Prime Gaming Modern Living Bundle:

  • Modern Home Rug
  • Modern Home Wallpaper
  • (5) Carry Weight Booster
  • (5) Repair Kit

If you’re wondering how to claim them (and are a fairly new player), Bethesda has instructions: “The Modern Home Rug and Modern Home Wallpaper can be found in the C.A.M.P. menu and does cost some crafting materials to place inside your C.A.M.P Consumable items, including Repair Kits and Carry Weight Boosters, can be found on your Pip-Boy.” It’s available for all platforms as well (PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S). You have until April 26 to redeem the offer: so if you still play Fallout 76, you may as well head here, click “OK” and come back to it eventually.

Can you believe that it’s been over four years since this game launched? It’s hard to come to terms with the fact that this didn’t fizzle out entirely shortly after launch, but at the very least, the Fallout name is still kicking while Bethesda plans their next move. Hopefully it’ll make a bigger splash than Fallout 4 did.

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