Fallout 76 is opening up access to its private test servers (PTS)

Update 20 is coming

In the past, Bethesda opened up private test servers (PTS) for select individuals to test out Fallout 76 content, but it looks like things have changed.

As of this week, Bethesda is making the process more accessible, allowing players to grab the PTS inside of the Bethesda launcher on PC. As in: if you have the PC edition, within the Bethesda launcher itself, you can access it (as usual, there’s no console access and the publisher doesn’t mention Steam). Right now they’re looking at testing out the hefty Update 20 on the PTS, but seasons will not be available (likely to fight any controversy they’ll cause until absolutely necessary).

In other 76 news, another dupe exploit has been running rampant across the game’s world, so display cases and vending machines were disabled a few weeks ago. If all goes well, next week Bethesda should implement a hotfix that brings everything back. Even nearly two years on, Bethesda explains that they “take duplication exploits seriously, and work to correct them as often and as quickly possible.”

Also, another double XP weekend is set for next week (June 4 at 12PM ET through June 8 at the same time). That includes adventure mode, a private world or nuclear winter. Good luck!

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