Fallout 76 is holding extra bonus events for QuakeCon and as a maintenance apology

Fallout 76 bonus events

One is live now until August 16, and another is from August 18-22

Two Fallout 76 bonus events are nearly upon us, thanks to a convention, and a series of unfortunate events that led to extra maintenance.

Double XP is happening because of QuakeCon weekend

So from August 18 through August 22, you can net double XP for Fallout 76 in celebration of QuakeCon, which I totally forgot is happening soon. As per usual, the bonus works for any game mode.

As a reminder, QuakeCon is not live in person this year — instead, it’s happening digitally. Bethesda has planned “new streaming programming, online meetups, giveaways, charity opportunities, the virtual BYOC, and more.” It also promises that it’s “committed” to an in-person event in 2023.

Double SCORE (season pass XP) is also live now until August 16 at 12PM PT

In a slightly more complicated situation, Fallout 76 encountered some issues earlier this week in terms of maintenance. Bethesda notes that it “ran quite a bit longer than we had originally anticipated,” and as a result, they’re doing the classic “you get a bonus, and you get a bonus” thing to make up for it.

So, everyone can earn double SCORE, which essentially amounts to season pass leveling XP. The promo is live now, and will run through August 16 at 12PM ET.

It’s a nice string of Fallout 76 bonus events for those of you who play regularly as you’ll essentially be able to hop from one event to the other.

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