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Fallout 76 is getting a fresh start in 2021 with another quality of life update test

It starts this week and promises big inventory changes

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The new year has started, and Bethesda is back to work.

On what? Bringing out the new Elder Scrolls in a reasonable amount of time? Giving us substantial info on Starfield? No! Fallout 76 of course!

A new “Inside the Vault” blog gives us an idea of what’s to come in early January; most notably a new public test server (PTS) round. This time it’s focused yet again on quality of life improvements, as more content is still slated to come with the second drop of the Steel Dawn update.

The big focus is player baggage, and they’re even calling this the “inventory update.” At this point your stash will increase to 1,200 pounds (huge if true), and “armor” as well as “food/drink” tabs will be added to the Pip-Boy. You’ll also be able to see the total weights of all item stacks. Bethesda calls it a huge step forward for this particular aspect of the game, and I have to agree. I also think it should have been in at launch!

That said, expect some bugs even beyond the PTS. The game’s framework seemingly topples every time something like this is tweaked, so if you notice anything awry, definitely hit up the proper channels for reporting that sort of info.

It all just kicked off, and Bethesda reminds folks that if you have the game via the Bethesda launcher on PC, you automatically have access.

Good luck with the extended beta testing!

Inside the Vault [Bethesda.net]

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