Fallout 76 is free for the weekend with double XP boosts


The Post-Apocalyptic West Virginia Board of Tourism has approved temporary measures in hopes of sending people in droves to the irradiated wasteland of Appalachia. Or maybe it was Bethesda. Yeah, definitely Bethesda.

This weekend, Fallout 76 is free to play on all platforms. From May 14 until May 18, anyone can hop into Fallout 76 and have full access on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. That includes the recent Wastelanders update, which adds NPCs, a revamped mainline story, dialogue choices, and a reputation system. It’s too-little-too-late for some (and understandably so given this game’s history), but others credit Wastelanders with turning Fallout 76 around.

As extra incentive, the free weekend is accompanied by double XP for everyone. Hop in and see what all the fuss is about. It’s seemingly good fuss and not bad fuss for once. That’s a side of Fallout 76 we haven’t seen much of in the last two years.

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