Fallout 76 is adding incentives for PTS players, Bethesda asks more people to join testing periods

‘We’re still looking for as many players as possible to join us in play testing’

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Bethesda wants more people to test out Fallout 76. Maybe if they had a lengthy beta period from the start, the whole launch debacle wouldn’t have happened! Wakka wakka.

The reality is that we’re nearly two years removed from the arrival of Fallout 76, and many aspects of it have improved. A lot of free content has been added amid big quality of life changes, even if a lot of folks see it as too little too late. Of course, those advancements came with the recent sting of the “season pass” system that creates an incentive to grind for content you could otherwise earn in-game. Fallout 76 is cyclical like that.

As for more recent developments, Bethesda says they need more people to playtest Fallout 76. If you’re a PC user on the Bethesda launcher with a copy of the game you can access the PTS (public test server) for free, which is now getting certain incentives that will transfer to the main game. In short, more testing is needed for multiplayer Daily Ops sessions, and if you complete eight of them in the PTS you’ll earn a PTS pennant reward.

It’s small, but it’s the sort of thing developers like Bungie do often. If you hit that goal you’ll get your reward once Update 22 hits. Your call!

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