Fallout 4’s Wasteland Workshop is out today

Ready to collect adhesive again?

I put a lot of time into Fallout 4‘s settlement system, so on one hand I’m pretty excited for the home improvement focused Wasteland Workshop DLC. I can totally get down with nixie tube lighting, new signage, and new trophies to deck out my settlements. I’m not opposed to the idea of capturing and taming live animals (and raiders, questionably enough) for my own amusement either.

On the other hand though, a quiet desperate voice in the back of my head keeps asking “exactly how much adhesive and copper wire am I going to have to farm for all this bullshit?

I guess we’ll all find out shortly. Wasteland Workshop is out today. It’s included in the Season Pass or $4.99 a la carte. I’ll be working on my review today to let you know if that is money well spent or not as soon as possible.

Nic Rowen