Fallout 4’s ending won’t be ‘the end,’ and other revelations

What were your two biggest complaints with Fallout 3? An ending that forced you to revert back to an older save in order to continue playing, and a level cap that was set too low for a game of such great length? Yeah, it figures.

The good folks at MTV Multiplayer asked Fallout 3 executive producer Todd Howard what Bethesda learned from gamers’ reaction towards the game that will be resolved in the next Fallout.

“Greatest lesson? Don’t let the game end, and don’t have a level cap,” Howard replied back. I — and I’m sure many of you will agree — simply could not be more pleased with that answer.

But while we’re on the topic, what else would you guys like to see make it into Fallout 4? Better animation, additional quests, or more of the same? You tell us!

Jordan Devore
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