Fallout 3 ‘Point Lookout’ DLC available on Xbox LIVE

Fallout 3’s fourth mini-expansion “Point Lookout” is available for download via Xbox LIVE Marketplace. The content is priced at 800 Microsoft Banana Dollars, not a bad deal for what appears to be a beefier than normal offering: “Point Lookout” will have its own Wasteland-type map, hopefully larger than Bethesda’s previous DLC offerings.

In addition to having some exploration options, “Point Lookout” will look different than the nuclear ravaged norm. The downloadable content’s setting is a placed untouched by bombs. So, get ready for some green, folks. Also, mutated hillbillies and possibly anacondas (it is based in a swamp, after all).

Those of you who grabbed this early from GameStop should chime in. Is the DLC worth the purchase? Why or why not?

Brad BradNicholson