Fallout 3 ‘Point Lookout’ DLC available now at GameStop

Time does fly. Bethesda’s next batch of Fallout 3 downloadable content, “Point Lookout,” will be available for download via Xbox LIVE Marketplace June 23. We thought the retail boxed version of the downloadable content would be, too. But it’s not; GameStop is selling it now.

Kotaku is reporting that the retailer is currently selling the Xbox 360 boxed version of the DLC to customers. The download code in the package can be redeemed right now and apparently people are enjoying “Point Lookout” a few days early.

So if you’re ready to take the Fallout 3 plunge again, get to a GameStop.

We’re told “Point Lookout” will be a big deal. It will have its own wasteland that players can explore. But don’t think traditional wasteland: Point Lookout Park is a swamp. It hasn’t been nuked.

Are you guys planning to wait or is this a “I need to leave my house now” situation?

Brad BradNicholson