Fallout 3 ‘Operation: Anchorage’ DLC is out, here’s a trailer to prove it

AntAngonizer needed to be shown that her actions in the Capital Wasteland were too disruptive. I bought a bunch of new gear from Crow before starting on the short trek to her “hideout.” Metal Armor serves a man much better than that Combat garbage.

As I approached the doorway to her lair, my play was interrupted by an odd radio frequency. It was a mercenary signal for help. My curiosity was piqued —  mainly because I just paid 800 Microsoft points for the Fallout 3 ‘Operation: Anchorage’ content — so I reversed my position and made for the Merc Outpost to get to the bottom of their dilemma.

When I strapped into the virtual reality chair, I couldn’t help wondering what Bethesda had up their sleeves. In the end, I wasn’t disappointed with the content. And neither was Conrad, who put up a review at the buttcrack of dawn.

The trailer (available after the break, but only watch if you’re an adult) is more of an introduction to the content that debuted today. It details the beginnings of the journey into ‘Operation: Anchorage’ and shows a few of the cast members and locales you’ll encounter on the journey to, in and from Alaska. (No Russians were spotted during this exercise.)

Brad BradNicholson