Fallout 3 on iPhone? Bethesda hints at possibility

Could Fallout 3 get the finger flick treatment? It seems that Bethesda is checking out their options for mobile versions of their games, and points to the Fallout world as one that could work on the iPhone.

“I think that the world of Fallout is unique enough that it could work on any platform. I think some of the things we do like VATS, I think that could translate to any platform, particularly the iPhone,” Bethesda’s Todd Howard told Joystiq.

“I wouldn’t be surprised if it does happen one day. The iPhone versions that we’ve designed and said ‘Ehh, we don’t think we’re going to do that right now,’ there are … there are a lot of them.”

So it sounds like they’ve been trying to put something together for awhile now. I think if they dialed it back a bit and made the iPhone games closer to the older Fallout titles, it could work. But then the people that only played Fallout 3 would be scratching their heads. What do you think a iPhone Fallout would look like?

[via Bit-tech]

Dale North