Fallout 3 mod that’s housed in Fallout 4 has been canceled for legal reasons


Nuts, another mod bites the dust.

Whereas Capcom and a handful of other major publishers generally let fan games and mods thrive, many other studios aren’t so giving. Bethesda is one of those entities, and it looks like the massive Fallout 3 mod project that’s housed within Fallout 4 is done.

Speaking on behalf of the team, leader JuiceHead announced on Twitter that after recent announcements that voice acting and audio would be implemented, “some serious red flags” were raised. According to them, “there is no fully legal way [to continue] developing” the mod, and “as the project lead, would probably be liable for any acts of piracy and copyright infringement.”

There’s also a bit of pragmatism to it too: “We quickly realised we would have to replace iconic voices like Liam Neeson’s, Malcolm McDowell’s, Ron Perlmann’s and of course phenomenal Eric Todd Dellums. Without some of these voices Fallout 3 loses its charm and personally I can’t bring myself to replace them.”

Allegedly the team tried to see if it was possible to require a download of Fallout 3 first, an option that’s apparently not viable. Well this is a shame — I would have liked to have seen it!

JuiceHead [Twitter]

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