Fall Guys Season Five adds new rounds, obstacles, and a Spelunky crossover

Duos and Trios will also be limited-time modes

Fall Guys Season Five drops tomorrow, July 20, with a host of new challenges to overcome. And while you’re bouncing and falling all over the place, you can do it in style, as a Spelunky-themed bean.

Mediatonic revealed its plans for Season Five today, which it had previously teased was going to be jungle-themed. The update will add six new rounds, with plenty of new obstacles to avoid like inflatable frogs, jumping pads, and aggressive pink rhinos. It looks like chaos, but like a fun sort of chaos.

Also included in this season’s Fame Path are a bunch of new skins, one of which is a crossover with indie jungle adventure Spelunky. As shown in the reveal of the Pass today, there’s the recognizable Spelunky protagonist in bean form as an unlockable cosmetic, as well as some other fun costume parts like a tropical tree.

There was also a new cinematic trailer shown, which doesn’t just introduce the fun obstacles and rounds arriving with this season, but also ends in a weird, conspiratorial twist in the vein of Fortnite. Is there Fall Guys lore? Are we going to discover some dark secret about what’s been going on, all along, with these falling bean fellows and their wacky antics? Who is this mysterious observer?

Either way, I’m kind of intrigued. I burned out on Fall Guys after some time, but some new rounds and a new look to freshen everything up might be what I’m looking for. Plus, Duos and Trios—which are apparently arriving as limited-time modes this season—might be a good way to still team up with friends while queueing. Though I guess that means no more dunking them into the dip like I do in free-for-all.

Fall Guys Season Five goes live tomorrow, July 20.

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