Fall Guys Season 3 seems like a big step up with seven levels and Crown Ranks

The new finale Thin Ice is a ‘spiritual successor’ to Hex-A-Gone

The second season of Fall Guys came and went for me, but I’m feeling far more optimistic about tomorrow’s update. When Season 3 starts on December 15, it’ll bring seven levels – one of which is an all-new finale – along with 30-plus costumes and another progression path called Crown Ranks.

Thin Ice

As covered this morning by Mediatonic, there are seven new Season 3 levels:

  • Tundra Run – Dodge snowballs, punchers and flippers in a mad dash to the finish line!
  • Freezy Peak – Use blizzard fans and flippers to ascend the peak in the most epic race Round yet!
  • Ski Fall – Traverse a giant ice slide and dive through bronze, silver and gold rings to score points and qualify!
  • Pegwin Pursuit – Chase down and keep hold of the Pegwin to score points for your team!
  • Snowy Scrap – Roll your team’s Snowball over snow patches to make it larger! Last team to hit 100% are eliminated!
  • Thin Ice – New Final Round! A spiritual successor to Hex-A-Gone where players must traverse layers of breakable ice to avoid falling into the slime. Last bean remaining wins!
  • Roll Off – A Final round variant of Roll Out with added rising slime to make things interesting. Get grabbing!

As for Crown Ranks, they’re a new carrot on a stick for high-level players to fuss over. As explained on the PlayStation Blog, your hard-fought crowns will contribute to a rank that rises as you win, and it’s retroactive, so your Season 1 and Season 2 crowns will be counted. The higher your Crown Rank, the more exclusive items – colors, patterns, and even “Golden” costumes – you’ll be able to unlock. As someone who peaked in Season 1, that sounds like a nice extra incentive to get good and stay good.

Crown Ranks

The Season 3 update also includes improvements:

  • Stay up-to-date on Fall Guys news and announcements with the new in-game Bulletin feature

  • You can now link your Amazon Prime account to Fall Guys for exclusive in-game rewards

  • The Show Selector will have a clear indicator for when new shows are available

  • Improved in-game messaging for various errors and connectivity dialogs

  • Improved performance and visuals of transparency effect when Fall Guys are occluded by geometry

  • [PC] Early Access release of Private Streamer Lobbies is now available! This is invitation-only for now, and requires 40-60 players to start a custom match

  • [PS4] The camera sensitivity slider has more degrees of freedom on PS4

And bugfixes:

  • Fall Mountain: improved the issue where grabbing the crown sometimes does not end the level. We will monitor this fix through launch!
  • Royal Fumble: invisible platform has been removed
  • Perfect Match: fixed issue with spawning next to the spinner
  • Physics: fixed ball objects being jittery or non-responsive in levels like Hoarders
  • Item Shop: fixed certain items not coming into the store
  • Parties: further improved groups stability in certain cases
  • UI: Certain language fonts had missing or corrupt characters
  • Show Selector: Searching for multiple shows will now correctly display the show landed on during matchmaking
  • Levels: fixed the Score and Elimination UI in-game on certain levels
  • Levels: bugfixes across most of the rounds

After wrapping up several story-driven games back-to-back in an effort to freshen up my backlog before the new year, I’m kinda in the mood to goof off in a silly multiplayer game like Fall Guys.

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