Fall Guys has a sweet Hotline Miami outfit and I shouldn’t have wasted my crowns

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A few days after launch, I’ve learned a valuable lesson in Fall Guys: don’t let crowns burn a hole in your pocket. Resist. If you waste your hard-earned currency on filler items, you might miss a cool outfit.

There’s no way I’ll be able to score ten wins – five for the rooster-headed top, five for the bottom – in time to afford this sweet Hotline Miami Jacket outfit. I’ve gotten five wins total across all of my Fall Guys exploits, and lately, I’ve been on a real losing streak. Y’all are getting better. My days are numbered.

That, and the servers are struggling this afternoon. I’m expecting a rocky first weekend.

If you haven’t peeked at the Season 1 rewards yet, heads up: you can earn three crowns without ever winning a game. And if you feel like you’re never going to outplay your competition, hang in there – you never know when every single player in front of you is gonna botch the final jump in Fall Mountain.

I’m sure the Jacket costume will return to the shop eventually, to say nothing of countless crossover items that are likely in Fall Guys‘ future, but dang. I should get the Guy Fieri-esque Hotrod Flames pattern to make myself feel better. Crowns can be elusive, but kudos come pretty fast, win or lose.

While we’re talking Devolver team-ups, I’d like to formally request an Enter the Gungeon costume.

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