Falcom’s Xanadu Next coming west next spring

11 years later, XSEED delivers

Talk about better late than never! More than a decade after its Japanese release, Nihon Falcom’s 2005 action role-playing game Xanadu Next (not to be confused with the studio’s more recent PS Vita RPG Tokyo Xanadu) is coming to a PC near you next spring, courtesy of XSEED Games.

A spin-off of the company’s Dragon Slayer series and spiritual successor to Hudson’s NES cult hit Faxanadu, the story follows “a gravely injured knight given a new lease of life through ancient magic, who must now seek a legendary sword called ‘Dragon Slayer’ to ensure his survival.”

Amusingly enough, a version of Xanadu Next was also released on Nokia’s N-Gage platform in 2005. It’s not too often we have an opportunity to reminisce about that abomination these days.

Kyle MacGregor Burleson