Fakey McFake Take-Two letter urges the breaking of GTA IV’s street date

A “letter” from Take-Two is currently circulating around the Internet, in which the company encourages stores to break the street date, presumably in order to combat the pirated versions that have predictably leaked onto the Internet. Personally, I think it’s about as believable a concept as Hideo Kojima one day waking up and saying, “today, I will be clinically sane!”

The letter reads like this:

Our staff has reviewed the situation and has come to the conclusion that it is not realistic to sustain the original release date. In order to control the situation we have decided to allow the game to be sold immediately.

I really have to wonder who spends their time mocking these things up, really. Is it really that enjoyable to sit back and think of the five gullible people you’ll trick, but never actually see being disappointed because you’ll never meet them? 

Nobody is impressed.

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