Fake game Friday: You See ‘Em, You Kill ‘Em

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This week’s fake game, submitted by fearian (and Photoshopped by our own Topher Cantler), is only for the hardcore. And when I say “hardcore,” I mean it in the Diablo II sense of the word — if you die in You See ‘Em, You Kill ‘Em, a massively multiplayer combat-based PvP game, your character is erased and you have to start from scratch. 

The word “unforgiving” doesn’t begin to describe it; hit the jump for the details on this MMOFPSFYOUINTHEA.


says fearian in the official thread:

ok serious Idea. I was talking to apathy about this for about a week or so as we both threw around MMO ideas.

basically we have a very polished console-esqe MMO. advanced graphics, but it could run on the 360. its action and skill based with swords knives pikes and all sorts of melee weapons.

think the moves of devil may cry, the weapons of some ninja game and a more skill based fighting style.

from the get go your given tasks to hone your combat. your final mission in the tutorial is to kill another player. at the start you choose a side and your are taught in the tutorials THEY ARE THE ENEMY. YOU SEE EM YOU KILL EM.

as this is combat based it should be easy to pick up and play for casual gamers but with room to advance for the hardcore. the crafting in the game essentuially consists off improving your weapons and to some extent armour with much customization.

Most missions in the game are PVP based. similar to guild wars, players congregate insocial areas but you complete pvp missions on maps like an online action game or fps. the world can be explored in a single player mode to preform lesser quests but this advances your purse and crafting NOT your XP and levels. why?

the key point of the game is this. its a combat PVP game and heres the twist, if you die. you. are. dead. level 0. OMG HOW HARSH! but wait! leveling is easy. but it must be done in PVP. kill an enemy and as you make a final swipe you level up pumping you up to move on to your next target. as you rampage through killing more and more you become better and better. if you die, its no biggie, levels are for the pvp combat to give a feel of rush after a kill and to keep you interested. as you level your attacks become stronger and you gain new abilities (you can choose)

if you doubt this will work look at natural selection, CO gameplay mode. its an fps with leveling. level up and I choose more armour. then a shot gun. next game I start again.

if you want to improve your charachter over time this is where customization comes in. explore the battle fields in singleplayer to steal your materials and complete quests to help you unlock better armour, better maces, better freakin big axes.

so in short
>combat based pvp game
>online, consoles
>any setting with melee wepons
>you level up in battle but if you die, you die.
>if you survive you keep your level for the next battle.
>consistant improvement comes from weapon and armour advancement
>its really fun and is the best game ever k.


So, what do you think of fearian’s idea? How do you feel about the concept of permadeth in an MMO? Hit the comments.

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