Fake game Friday: Unreal Warfare, SNES Edition


Love action, but can’t stand first-person shooters? Love the Unreal series, but think the graphics are too pretty? Forumite Xabora has the game for you. It’s called Unreal Warfare, which may sound familiar until you realize that Xabora wants the game released on the Super Nintendo.

According to Xabora’s unofficial press release:

The next game in the Unreal Series, exclusive on the SNES.
Running at an incredible Full 256p you can see details like you have ever seen before.

Features such as:
-Single Player Campaign with over 30 hours of gameplay
-Multiable Endings
-20v20 online multiplayer
-12 massive online maps
-7 Game types (and Custom Player Game Types)
-Downloadable Content
-Clan Support with Custom Logos
-VoIP Support 

I’d definitely buy it, but what about you? Hit the official thread or the comments to respond. And while you’re at it, tell us your own fake game ideas: what game have you always wanted to play, but haven’t yet been given the chance to do so? What’s your dream game? We want to know.

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