Fake Game Friday: Revelations: The Second Coming

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This week’s Fake Game Friday includes a heapin’ helpin’ of blasphemy for all, care of Pyramid Head.Judging by this screenshot, you could hypothetically leave Jesus in a room with no doors, windows, or toilets and watch him pee himself every few hours before he starved to death.Title:

Revelation: the Second Coming Plot: You’re the son of God and the time has come. The final judgement of the second coming. The world’s population has taken sides with their chosen religion and you have 30 days untill the end of existence to gain global notoriety as Christ, the son of God. Religions and Nations are warring over who initiated the second coming and Earth has been reduced to a desolate wasteland between what’s left of the major cities. Atmosphere: The setting for R:tSC is worldwide. Earth is wartorn and the surroundings represent this as the ground is scorched and cities in disarray similar to the environs seen in the films ‘escape form New York’ and the Cursed Earth from ‘Judge Dredd’ due to the extended nuclear war. Gameplay: The challenge of the game is to complete the act of the second coming without dying or failing to be realised. You control Christ through the choices you make, you can control your followers via your tactical map and Christ directly when moving around your sanctuary. The world is in chaos as you have to rise above and be recognised. As demonstrated by the requirement for constant worship, God is vain. Thus, you, as Christ, must be realised as the son of God by all before everyone is judged and the Kingdom of Heaven is established. This creates a timelimit for your actions. Armageddon will last 30 days. Time will pass at x12 it’s normal rate meaning the 30 days would pass in 60 hours. Your abilities and actions will, at first, have been created by the developer but with the ‘Mysterious Ways’ creator people will be able to code their own actions/events/reactions (AER’s) that will be availiable to be freely traded among players Actions availiable initially will range from starting rumours in religios circles to commiting mass miracles as your power increases from an increase in worship. You’ll have a choice of being realised through adoration, fear or a mixture of both.This is known as the FA (Fear/Adoration) system. For example, a mass miracle could end a famine or cure a nation of disease which would raise your Adoration whereas a mass genocide of an opposing religious faction or the initiation of a plague would increase Fear. Dad! Tom Cruise won't come out of the closet!Although the sanctuary play’s like an RPG it can revert to an RTS similar to the Populous series as you’re required to turn back or lead a large scale attack by or against another religion/nation. The control system would be similar to that of Total War with mass troop manipulation. At other times you’ll have to use a tactical map in the vein of DEFCON to view the actions and movements of your enemies or allies. In the sanctuary you’re in direct control of Christ as you move around in 3rd person talking to anyone there, this mode will play similar to the sims without the need to feed and wash Christ. There will be key characters in the sanctuary that’ll allow you to access your tactical map, recording room (for broadcasts) and other aids to your cause. Key leaders who’ve joined Christianity will also be there allowing you to complete a minor miracle (water to wine, withering a flower) for them to increse their FA towards you thus influencing their respective nations. The sanctuary will become more populated and gain more land and buildings as the size of your following increases.[/i] During Armageddon everyone has sided with a religion due to a fear of the unknown. Such agitation means that your followers would abandon you in favor of another religion in an instant should they believe that you’re not the Messiah. Thus, you must reinforce their believe through the FA system to keep them faithful. However, this system has it’s dangers. Causing large amounts of fear will cause a backlash from other religions, nations or your own following. Of course, death is always a danger because untill you’re fully realised you’re still mortal. Attempts on your life will be constant but can be more drastic and, potentially, more likely to be successful if you cause more fear. Adoration can also come with it’s pitfalls. Jealousy may arise within your ranks causing you or others to be killed due as a follower may not feel you’re giving returning any of their love back to them, also known as a ‘crime of passion’. Of course, during this time many will come out claiming to be Jesus. Some may even infiltrate, or originate in, your own following and may attempt to usurp your as leader. All AER’s are portrayed through videos, animations, constructed news channels or newspapers. AER’s created via ‘Mysterious Ways’ won’t be able to use the news channels and such and will be limited to newspaper headlines that the creator can edit. Should the creator orchestrate an event in game similar to one that has occurred in real life then they’ll be able to import any un-licensed footage that relates to the AER into the file and have it triggered and played at the necessary time. As soon as you reach full power through worship then the fun really begins. Some may remember in Populous: the beginning you could put in Byrne in the cheat code box an get all the spells and mana. This is just like that. You’ll be able to wreak all manner of holy hell upon the sinners of the world. ‘Mysterious Ways’ comes in to play again here as you can create all sorts of crazy abilities to judge the sinful. As it happens, no-one on Earth is free from sin so whatever time you have left of the 30 days can be spent punishing them all. Wanna have your own fake game article? Post your idea in the forums or email me, RevAnthony, at [email protected].

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