Fake game Friday: Rayman Raving Rabbids: The MMO (RRRMMO)


The specifics of this week’s fake game are probably best left to the imagination — for everyone’s sake. Conceptualized by electro lemon, Rayman Raving Rabbids: the MMO may very well have been created solely out of a desire to create an acronym resembling the onomatopoeia for starting a decade-old motorcycle.

Gaze in wonder at the Photoshop by our very own Fronz and ask yourself: what would RRRMMO be about? How would it play? What different character classes would there be? Can I join a huge group and gang up against a gigantic, level 999 Rayman? Will there be plungers? The possibilities are endless.

And don’t forget — if you want your own fake game idea spotlighted on Destructoid, hit the official thread and tell us about your idea. If you’re reasonably lucky, we’ll feature it on the front page and create a conceptual Photoshop based off your idea. 

Anthony Burch