Fake game Friday: Pokemon Golden Sun Revolution

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This week’s fake game idea and Photoshop come to you courtesy of forumite Alanar — though I use the word “forumite” loosely, considering the dude only registered to post the following idea.

It’s called Pokemon Golden Sun Revolution, and it asks the question, “what would happen if Isaac and Felix of Golden Sun accidentally opened a portal to the world of Pokemon?” The answer, as it turns out, involves a cleverly hybridized, turn-based battle system.

Hit the jump for Alanar‘s full idea, and his complete Photoshop. 

And before I forget, special thanks to Neonie, LordRegulus, EternalDarkWing, electrolemon, the GAMEGOBLIN, and nilcam for helping me Photoshop a new avatar. I do believe that I can now correctly, and without hesitation, refer to these people as my “homies.”

Title: Pokémon Golden Sun Revolution

Genre: RPG

Plot: After the events of “The Lost Age”, Weyard is living in peace again. Isaac and Felix became bored and experimented with Psynergy, creating a portal to another world. Suddenly, billions of monsters ran throught the portal and went on rampage. And on top of that, a mysterious monster cursed all the people in the world so that they are not able to attack without using Psynergy. Weyard was in danger again and it’s up to the cast of the previous “Golden Sun” games to defend their world against an unimaginable evil: Pokémon.

Objective: Find the Pokémon that cursed Weyard and get rid of all the pocket monsters.

Gameplay: It’s almost the same as in “Golden Sun”, but with a nice little “Pokémon” touch. You travel around with up to six characters. You can change your party by visiting certain crystals which can also recover the HP (hit points) and PP (psynergy points). During the game, you are able to recruit up to 150 characters, all with their special attacks and stats.

Every once a while, a random encounter starts where you fight either a normal monster from the “Golden Sun” series or a Pokémon. The combat system itself is like “Pokémon”. The battles are fought 1 on 1 and each turn you can use certain Psynergy, an item, change your fighter or run away. Depending on their class, the characters are able to learn different Psynergy attacks. Isaac as a Venus Adept will mainly learn earth spells, Garet as a Mars Adept fire spells and so on. However, every character can only remember four spells at the same time. If they reach a new level and want to learn a new spell, they have to forget one of their previous spells. This may sound stupid but so is the curse.

Graphics: Typical cel-shading. Like “Zelda: The Wind Waker”. Or “Okami”. Well, more like “Okami”.

While I’ve never played a Golden Sun game and the only Pokemon title I ever touched was Red, the battle system seems pretty damned intriguing.

If you have a fake game idea you’d like to see realized, post it in the official thread and you might just have it featured on the front page. So, you know. You’ll have that going for you.

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