Fake Game Friday: Interstellar Pig


This week’s Fake Game Friday comes to us courtesy of Gamechamp from the Destructoid forums. It’s called Interstellar Pig, and it’s part board game, part action fighter, and totally incomprehensible.

Hit the jump for the lowdown!

“Interstellar Pig is a book about Barney going on vacation and some aliens who play a board game called Interstellar Pig. Turns out, the board game is simulating events that are actually happening: if you don’t have the titular Interstellar Pig when the timer runs out (or if you, ya know, die), you and your home planet go splode. Fun for the whole family!

So the game would have you playing as an alien from one of several planets. You could be a jellyfish, a pitiful human, or even a billion tiny organisms that form a giant slimey monster! When the game starts you’re able to choose 2 special items, items being things like a gun, a translator thing, or a cloaking device, or random crap I can’t remember cause it’s be 3 years since I read the thing. So players take turns travelling from planet to planet (or you can use a worm hole to warp yourself quickly across the map) trying to find special items and the pig, which has been placed on one random player, who must protect the pig (But nobody will know who has it). If two players meet each other, they’ll initiate combat.

Combat in this game will be totally awesome! But I*’m too lazy to think of what it would be like. Use your imagination.

The winner of a battle gets all the other person’s items, including the pig. All while this is happening, there’s a timer counting down.

If everybody’s dead except you, you win! If the timer runs out and you have the pig, you win! If not, then you suck and deserve to go splode.

So, yeah, that’s the game. And no, not the dinosaur Barney, just some dumb kid.”


Sound interesting? Fun? Confusing as all hell? Hit the comments, or the official forum thread , and see if you can do better. 

Anthony Burch