Fake game Friday: Hair Band: Fight for LA

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Imagine Def Jam: Fight for NY, except awesome. Such is the high concept behind this week’s fake game, Hair Band: Fight for LA.

Forumite Shining Wave describes the gameplay as such:

It’s 1988. Kick your ass to the top of the metal scene.

Beat up Nikki Sixx and The Crue, David Lee Roth, Ratt, Poison, Warrant and all the rest. Get whaled on by Kip Winger and his flying high kicks. Win money to spend on makeup, hair spray and spandex. Oh, crap! here comes Guns’n’Roses. that Axl Rose is gonna taste my metal.

It’s the game waiting to be made, baby.

Seems like the game with the soul of Guitar Hero with the mindset of Street Fighter — in other words, a real winner. As always, hit the official thread if you have a fake game idea of your own. If you’re chosen, our own Topher Cantler will Photoshop a screenshot from your dream game, just as he did for this week’s.

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