Fake Game Friday: Forgotten Toys

Last week Dexter345 brought you Gears of Wario Ware, this week reader Marky7474 sends us yet another game idea: his epic RPG filled with toy heroes. “Think FF7 with Source engine graphics.” With Homer plush toys, medusa Barbies, and Skeletor action figures you fight off cockroaches with massive damage around every dusty toy shelf.

Keep reading to check out his full layout for Forgotten Toys, and if you want to submit a fake game idea of your own, submit it to our forums or email it to RevAnthony.

Title: Forgotten Toys 

Genre: RPG 

Written by Marky7474:

Setting: You are Homer, a just dumped plush toy, living in an old warehouse with other abandoned toys. Being just dumped, Homer is really hopeful he can get another owner, or at least try to be happy in the rest of his toy life, but most other toys don’t think like that, being left to cockroaches and dust. However, one toy named Skeletor, a one arm super-optimistic action figure with, erm, 3 movable parts agrees to help Homer in his dream of changing his life for the best. Also, the toysfolk seem to fear something called the Doorwindow monster, but refuse to talk much about it.

Interface: Think FF7 with Source engine graphics Smile

Mission 1: After finding Skeletor, you decide the first thing to try is to get out of the warehouse. Skeletor says the only toy he heard that got out of the warehouse was the legendary Power Ranger, but that was long ago and all you hear from the toysfolk is mostly legend. One of them though, the Zelda cartridge, says something about a precious set of objects that, when combined, could summon the giant multi-colour robot, a toy strong enough to punch the warehouse walls. But because of system limitations and possibly lousy translation, what he said might not be taken too seriously.

Lower warehouse: The “fresh” stuff, everything that was dumped recently is here. It’s divided in toy chest (main town, made by the organized toys), the “dark corner” (sec. town, a gathering of the evil toys), the dead toys area (a place full of toys who lost all hope, and are nothing more than inanimated plastic), and the cochroach den.

Mission 1(con’t): In the middle of the nonsense the Zelda cartridge was saying, he said something about cockroaches, Skeletor says something about the cockroach den, a hideous and dirty place full of nasty cockroaches located just past the dead toys area. You decide to go, as no one got a better idea and your plush is getting humid. Just as you are getting out of town, Skeletor reminds you of your equipment and disappears for a moment. Seconds later he comes back with your basic equipment:

  • Brown pixelated sword (from Zelda cartridge)
  • Apache feather (+1 in Confuse)
  • Rambo’s Jacket, special edition (a-ha! That’s why he never wears it in the posters! +1 in defence)

Now you’re ready for some battle! You start walking in the open field, random encounters with minor cockroaches (eww!), dustballs and the rare rat enemy (tough one) and you get to the dead toys area.

Dead toys area: As you enter there, you and Skeletor are taken by the horrible view composed of hairless Barbies, incomplete DIY car models and baby dolls that still cry. You get your courage together and decide to move on. Enemies here are rejected medusa barbies (with Stone magic!), generic action hero and the one-eyed potato head (hit the moustache for massive damage!). You fight the random enemies and get to the opening of the cockroach den, there you fight cockroaches of all shapes and sizes and searches for the 5 “essences”, dinosaur like coloured toys, to try to summon the said robot.

After killing rockroach, a cockroach with ultra-sonic attack, you get the final essence, but they don’t seem to work with each other. Back to town, you talk to Zelda cartridge, who pours a mysterious liquid in the joinable parts, and asks you to try to join them again. You do it. Lots of spark effects appear on the screen and the robot gracefully starts moving. He says in a very robotic voice:

You say
-Punch the warehouse walls! So we can get out of here!
-YES MASTER SIR!, the robot replies.

He flies to the nearest wall and punches with all his might, the ground begins to shake and a hole appears in the wall. Unfortunately, the hole leads to another section of the warehouse, and other walls are too far away from the toy box.
Well, at least we got a funny talking robot!

The game continues with the exploration of the other side of the warehouse, Tronazord side quests, the unfolding of the Doorwindow monster mega villain (a incomplete LEGO BASIC creation) story, and the multiple endings (including finding a new owner, improving the life of the warehouse toys or becoming a Doorwindow monster’s doll). Sorry for not being complete. If, just in case, you liked it, feel free to continue the story as you please Very Happy.

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