Fake Game Friday: Equilibrium

This week’s Fake Game Friday comes from the mind of Ocelot, and is based on the movie Equilibrium. Wanna have your own fake game article? Post your idea in the forums or email RevAnthony, at [email protected]DVD Cover BannerEquilibrium the Game.Equilibrium is an MMORPG where you choose to be a Grammaton Cleric or The Resistance. Each side can spy for the other side and the resistance would have many different bases players would have to create themselves. The Grammaton Spies would infiltrate the underground and destroy bases by proving their worth, in whatever way to that underground leader. This would prevent clans from just adding everyone and anyone, as some do today. As for the Underground spies, they can aspire to become Clerics and gain information, but this would require them to remain feelingless. Key words said would trigger guards or other players the ability to attack you, and they would.Perma deathNow, I believe that perma-death would be required for this and most disagree. What I believe is that it can work if you have a… progeny. Let’s say when you create a character you are assigned a mate and after a certain amount of time, you have children which gain certain attributes and skills that you have learned while they were alive. Explaining that would be easy by just saying they train with you to become as you are.Back to the spies thing, basically you can double or triple cross any side you want. If you wish to simply gain more and more intel and abilities, well, you run the risk of either being caught by one side or simply getting killed. Combat will not cost you a perma death. To permanently die, you will have to be caught as a Grammaton Cleric saying words of feeling or as resistance being killed when a base gets attacked and you are killed by a cleric or those futuristic cops. (Being cops could also be a possibility, I suppose)EnemiesAs for levelling up… As a Cleric you would have 20 levels, each gaining you 5% of the Gunkata training. Gunkata calculates every angle, and each level you would gain 5% of those 360 degrees of probability. Eventually you would gain 100% and play a mini game each time you use the Gunkata pressing button sequences or something ot that effect, attemtping to match them up, the mor eyou get right in a row, the more efficient and accurate you are. At 100% the game would be a slight bit easier but take longer. For the underground you would gain infiltration abilities and persuasion abilities used in case you slip with saying a word of feeling and can have a chance to ‘convince’ an npc guard you said something else. A player would be harder and somehow you would have to explain it away.If you attack another member of your faction that you are unsure of and they are NOT a spy, you will be sentenced to death by the clerics or turned over to the clerics by the underground. Something like dropping them off in their boxers with the words ‘sense offender’ spray painted on them. What do you guys think?You can read more about Equilibrium here on the wikipedia.

Tom Fronczak