Fake game Friday: Destructoid Fanboy Hunter


This week’s fake game is a combination of a few tehuberone Photoshops and a short SyKo-KlOwN proposition. It’s called Destructoid Fanboy Hunter, and it’s exactly what it sounds like.

Hit the jump for the full lowdown on the most hypothetically hardcore game ever made.

According to tehuberone, he summarizes the game as follows: “An army of Destructoids terrorize the world in a mission to rid the universe of fanboys.”

SyKo-KlOwN had a similar idea a few weeks earlier, proposing, 

“How about GTA-style console wars, where instead of siding with different crime orginizations you side with different console makers. You could steal blueprints for games so your own company would get more money, you could assassinate a rival company’s CEO, or even sneak some very strange programming into enemy games. You could make Mickey Mouse pop up in a Resident Evil game, or something equally off the wall. But you’d have to be careful not steal any PS3’s, or the cops might show up and shoot you and your dog….. Anyways just a thought.”

Tehuberone also posted a potential method of distributing this hardcore game of games:


That’s right: Destructoid may be coming to Xbox Live. Someday, that is.

Given this relatively brief idea for a game, what do you think should go into a Destructoid Fanboy Hunter game? Who would be the playable characters? What would their powers be? Who would they fight? Comment, by all means, or hit the official thread and let your Intervoice be heard.

Anthony Burch