Fake Game Friday: CtGoWaCHF2T, tFScotSotTKVSoL: R


Are you ready for the most action-packed, all-inclusive video game ever made? Forumite Bahamut_Zero certainly was. This week’s fake game — described as a puzzle-based action shmup MMORPGRTSFPS — is all his, and its awesomeness can be measured in the length of its name:

Command the Gears of Warcraft and Conquer Hyper-Fighting 2 Turbo:
The Final Shimmering Challenge of the Shadows of the Three Kingdoms Vanguard Sons of Liberty: Revenge

Hit the jump to see the plot, themes, and intuitive control scheme that makes this fake game so great. 


hit A as fast as you can

That wraps it up for this week’s Fake Game Friday. Fronz, our lord and savior, was responsible for the photoshop: check out a larger, more detailed version of the picture here, and try to count how many different video game franchises it references. Seriously, do it.

I’d usually ask for reader suggestions as to how this game might be played or what mechanics you’d like to see implemented, yet this week, I simply can’t. Bahamut_Zero laid out his vision so perfectly, and so succinctly, that I don’t think any of us could truly improve upon it.

Think you can do better? Post your fake game idea in the comments or the official thread, and — sooner or later — we’ll feature it on the front page along with (maybe) a customized Photoshop created by Fronz himself.

Anthony Burch