Fake game Friday: Capcom Hearts

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Today’s fake game comes to you courtesy of Pwn Daddy (with a Photoshop by our own Topher Cantler, of course), and I’d play it in a heartbeat if only to see Mega Man and Mike Haggar on the same screen together. Says the Daddy:

Basically, Kingdom Hearts without the Disney. Hell, the Super Friends had the band of villans they all fought, why not add in Link, Cecil, Mega Man, and Haggar all in one party and have them romp through and kick the shit out of everything in front of them as a team? Hell, as a fighting game, imagine a Triple Team combo with Mega Man, Iron Man, and Master Chief. My personal favorite matchup would be Master Chief, Ryu Hayabusa, and Cloud Strife versus Mega Man, Gordon Freeman, and Solid Snake. Hell of a fight there (if a bit one-sided). And I wish I was worth a damn at photoshop, cause I’d make a screen shot flash for it in a heartbeat. Or maybe not a fighter, maybe an action/shump like Ultimate Alliance or Gauntlet, hell I could totally see a party of 4 or 5 badass tooling around beating the hell out of random stuff. As a full on RPG, there would have to be one hell of a story element, but hey, Kingdom Hearts did it, why can’t they? 

We simplified Pwn Daddy’s idea to Capcom Hearts for the sake of Photoshop ease and Mike Haggar mustachery, but the concept is solid no matter which way you cut it: for once, why can’t we see a multi-franchise RPG/fighter/party game focusing on dark, action-oriented characters rather than cutesy ones.

Got a fake game idea you want to share with the world? Hit the official thread and spill your guts. You might get a badass Photoshop out of the whole thing.

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