Fake Game Friday: Bushido Hero

Last week Reverend Anthony pumped out another fake game idea that will surely come true along with his L.A. Noire and Firefly MMO predictions that he made long ago. This week we bring you another reader submission that unfortunately sounds too damn fun for the industry to handle.

We welcome all the serious and wacky ideas your gamer heads can compose, but combining two already existing games seems to have the most intriguing outcomes. This week Dtoid reader Crackhippo has managed to combine the fighting game Bushido Blade 2 with the music simulation game Guitar Hero to create a murderous musical that I’d play in a dying heartbeat. Slice the view story button in half to check out his fake game idea, and imagine what a ‘Bark at the Bushido’ level would be like while you read on.

Crakhippo writes:

Bushido Blade 2

is one of the best games EVER! Here’s how the game will go…players face off in crazy over the top stylized sword fighting but it’s played like Parappa or Guitar Hero, timed button sequences. Screw up enough and Boom, katana to the face. The longer the game goes on, the more intense the fight gets and the faster the button timing gets. I think it would make for some seriously heated battles. Someones gotta bring back old school bushido, right now.

Arenas would be all the classic action settings, e.g. rooftops, forests, cliffs, and of course on a moving train. Everyone knows that if any game has a level on a moving train, it’s instantly the best level. It would make for some amazing finishing moves.

The style would range from Anime inspired fights, such as running on water while fighting to battle to the death in a bamboo forest cutting down trees and whatnot, too western stylized scenes such as fighting on or in highrise buildings. Blasting through windows and walls, or fighting on a plane. All rediculious, all over the top.

There would even be an expert mode which would bring in the analog stick as well. Just like Guitaroo Man, This would make it all oh so much more difficult. There are way to many possibilities for this genre of games. I just wish they were taken advantage of.

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