Faith and a .45 teaser trailer is looking damn fine

Total Overdose developer Deadline Games has shown off some gameplay for the personally anticipated Faith and a .45. This teaser trailer shows off a little of main characters Luke and Ruby’s co-operative shoot out against the backdrop of the Great Depression. Exploding flung gas cans for the win, it should be pointed out.

As you can see from the end shot of a man in full body armor, holding a flamethrower, Deadline is taking a little creative license, but from the team that gave us a game in which you could summon a Luchadore to take out Mexican criminals, that should be expected. It’s looking really good in this early stage, and I can see how the Gears of War + Bonnie & Clyde comparisons will come in. I love Gears‘ gameplay, however, so if it echoes that style, then I’m not going to complain.

Faith and a .45 is full to the brim with potential and I’ve neither seen nor heard anything to make me think it won’t meet its capabilities. We’ll be keeping a very close eye on this one, you can be sure of that much.

Jim Sterling