Fairy Bloom Ultra Encore now available on PC

Exterminate a horde of bugs in this doujin beat-’em-up

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Fairy Bloom Ultra Encore is out now for Windows PC, Playism has announced.

The action game has a jaunty premise, following a fairy tasked with defending a flower from a swarm of aphids. Yes, really. You’ll need to pulverize a mob of ravenous plant lice to protect a forest seedling. All in a day’s work, I guess.

Fairy Bloom was originally released in 2005, but developer Edelweiss, the doujin studio behind Astebreed and Fairy Bloom Freesia, has since remade the title using Unreal Engine 4. The enhanced version is now on offer for as little as $0.99, but uses a pay what you want pricing strategy, which allows customers who contribute more than $9.99 to play around with the game’s source code.

Fairy Bloom Ultra Encore [Playism]

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