Failsauce in effect: Okami strategy guide suffers the same fate as Wii cover

Uh, Capcom design people? We know you were probably in a rush to get Okami out, and it’s a port, so maybe you think the majority of the game’s inital sales have already come and gone, and you guys are really busy over there, and things get stressful when your girlfriends find out about you wearing their panties on Thursday afternoons for that “thing” you do with the guys, but seriously, could you focus for a second and stop leaving the IGN logo all over my game and related merchandise, please?

Last week the IGN watermark was discovered on the cover of the Wii release of Okami — obviously, someone underestimated the tenacity and free time that internet matlocks have on their hands. We could facepalm if the BradyGames strategy guide had the exact same error, but what really spoils breakfast is that the watermark is in a DIFFERENT place on the guide’s cover than the watermark on the game’s cover. Argh.

Capcom has since offered replacement covers to owners of the Wii title, but I’m not sure we’ll see anything to correct this error, considering nothing short of a bookcover would fix that problem. Everyone makes mistakes, of course, but you can bet someone got screamed at for this trainwreck. Basic Photoshop courses can have an incredible preventive effect for future screwups, so I hear. 

[Via Slashgear — Thanks Jonathan]

Colette Bennett