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Fae Farm Co-op Guide: How to play multiplayer

Explore the cozy open-world with your friends with this Fae Farm multiplayer guide.

Fae Farm is a cozy open-world game where players embark on a delightful journey of farming, fishing, capturing critters, caring for animals, and more. What sets Fae Farm apart is its multiplayer mode, which elevates the fun to a whole new level. Imagine yourself collaborating with friends, tending to your farms, sharing resources, and exploring the vast and breathtaking landscapes of Fae Farm together.

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In this guide, we will provide you with all the information you need to play multiplayer in Fae Farm and make the most of this cooperative farming adventure.

How to play multiplayer in Fae Farm

To start your multiplayer journey in Fae Farm, you’ll need to follow a few simple steps. First, make sure you have the game running on your Nintendo Switch or PC. Once you’re in your world, access the menu by pressing the “+” button on your Nintendo Switch or opening the menu on your PC. Look for the multiplayer icon, which is represented by two purple controllers.

Once you’ve located the multiplayer icon, select it to open the multiplayer menu. Here, you will find several options to choose from. To join someone else’s game, select the “World Invites” tab. This will allow you to view any pending requests from your friends to join their multiplayer games. Accept the requests, and you’ll be transported to their world.

Alternatively, you can host your own multiplayer game by selecting the “Host Local” or “Host Online” tab, depending on your preferred mode. Hosting a local game allows players with Nintendo Switch consoles in close proximity to join your game. On the other hand, hosting an online game enables friends from anywhere in the world to join you, regardless of their platform.

How to invite friends in Fae Farm

Once you have set up your multiplayer game, it’s time to invite your friends to join the cooperative farming experience. Depending on the platform you are playing on, there are different methods of inviting friends to your game. Let’s explore each option:

  • Steam: If you’re playing Fae Farm on PC through Steam, you can invite friends directly through Steam’s friend system. Simply open your Steam overlay, locate your friend’s name, and send them an invitation to join your game.
  • Phoenix Labs Account: To invite friends through your Phoenix Labs account, make sure you and your friends have created accounts on the Phoenix Labs website. Once you’re in the multiplayer menu, select the option to invite friends through your account. Enter your friends’ usernames or email addresses associated with their Phoenix Labs accounts, and they will receive an invitation to join your game.
  • Console’s Friend System: For Nintendo Switch players, you can utilize the console’s friend system to invite friends. Ensure that you and your friends have exchanged friend codes and added each other as friends on the Nintendo Switch. From the multiplayer menu, select the option to invite friends through your console’s friend system. Find your friends on the list and send them an invitation to join your game.

By using these methods to invite your friends, you can create a tight-knit farming community and embark on exciting adventures together.

Exploring the co-op experience

Now that you have set up your multiplayer game and invited your friends, it’s time to delve into the coop experience of Fae Farm. In this section, we will explore the various aspects of multiplayer gameplay and how they enhance the overall enjoyment of the game: 

Shared Progress and Wayshrines

One of the advantages of playing in multiplayer mode is the ability to share progress and access various waypoints within the game. As you explore the world of Fae Farm, you will come across wayshrines that serve as points of interest and fast travel locations. In multiplayer, these wayshrines are available to all players, regardless of who activated them.

Tool Progression and Character Creation

In multiplayer, each player’s tools and progress are based on the host’s advancements. When joining a host’s game, new players will receive basic tools according to the host’s progress. However, it’s important to note that tool progression does not carry over from the host to additional players.

This means that while the host may have advanced tools, new players joining the game will need to upgrade their tools individually. Additionally, when joining a multiplayer game, each player will need to create a new character. This ensures that everyone has a fresh start and equal opportunities to contribute to the farm.

Harvesting Animals and Storage Access

In Fae Farm, caring for animals is a crucial part of the farm life. In multiplayer mode, all players have the ability to harvest animals and contribute to their well-being. Share the responsibilities of feeding, grooming, and tending to your beloved critters with your friends. With multiple farmers working together, your animals will be happy, healthy, and thriving.

Additionally, multiplayer mode grants all players access to storage. This allows you to share resources, organize your inventory, and collaborate on various farming tasks. Whether it’s seeds, tools, or harvested crops, the shared storage ensures that everything is within reach for all players.

Sharing Gold Florins 

Managing the farm’s finances is an essential aspect of Fae Farm. In multiplayer mode, gold florins—the in-game currency—are shared among all players. This encourages collaboration and decision-making when it comes to purchasing new tools, expanding the farm, or investing in other resources.


Quests play a significant role in Fae Farm, guiding players through engaging storylines and providing rewarding experiences. In multiplayer mode, some quest progress is shared among all players, fostering a sense of collaboration and shared achievement. However, certain quests may need to be completed individually by each player to advance their personal storylines. 

How to protect your farm from griefing in multiplayer

Griefing, or the intentional disruption of gameplay, can spoil the coop experience for everyone involved. To protect your farm from griefers, make sure to only invite friends you trust into your multiplayer games. Build a community of like-minded players who share your passion for cooperative farming and collaboration. 

In some cases, you may encounter disruptive or uncooperative players in your multiplayer games. As the host, you have the ability to kick players if necessary. If a player is causing trouble, disrupting gameplay, or not adhering to the agreed-upon rules, you can remove them from the game.

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