Fact: old mens’ heads look better, older in CryENGINE 3

Just the other day, Crysis developer Crytek announced that CryENGINE 3 was locked, loaded, and ready to be licensed by other developers who may find themselves fancying the tech. In the post, we presented all of you with a single still image of Brad Nicholson’s backyard as rendered with the engine. That moist jungle — the same place where man was trained to weight lift by a group of bipedal badgers — never looked better. But now we have some moving pictures to show you.

The above is a debut trailer of sorts, your first-ish look at what CryENGINE 3 can do on the Xbox 360, PC, and PS3. In addition to this, it also shows off a bit of that next-generation stuff mentioned in the announcement yesterday. Give it a look and grab that drool-cup — that old dude’s head looks stellar.

Brad BradNicholson